Manchester Autopsy Course
This is a 5 day Course aimed at covering all aspects of the hospital and Coroner's autopsy. Book Now.


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Manchester Autopsy

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Speakers (Previous year's speakers, anticipated to attend this year!)

Dr Emyr Benbow
Consultant Histopathologist, Manchester

Dr Emyr Benbow’s main interest is in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, successfully introducing educational change in the University of Manchester, locally and regionally in the NHS, and nationally at the Royal College of Pathologists. He has achieved major modernisation of the MRCPath in Histopathology Part 1, replacing essays with high quality MCQs and EMQs, by establishing and chairing question writing workshops to ensure quality and validity, and developing standard setting methods where none existed before. He has been an Examiner for the autopsy component of the MRCPath for many years, and has recently helped Professor Sebastian Lucas formulate proposals for modernising the autopsy assessment. 

Dr Benbow has successfully designed and run
communication skills workshops for trainee histopathologists in the North West Region, using a grant awarded by the Department of Health, a sum of £8,000. He was been elected onto the Council of the Royal College of Pathologists in 2005, having already joined, by invitation, working groups on Quality of Autopsy Practice; Run-through Training; Histopathology Run-through Training and Assessment; Pathology Core Curriculum and Public Relations.  He is organiser of the histopathology component of the annual National Scientific Meeting of the Association of Clinical Pathologists.

As Chair of Manchester Medical School's Mind and Movement Module Management Group, with Professor Carl Whitehouse, he pioneered the first paperless problem based learning in the school, the first successful attempt to use this method to deliver core knowledge, in any British medical school. Rather than basing PBL tutorials on fictional patients, student learning is based on real community patients, which makes huge difference to student engagement in psychosocial issues. He provides the majority of the training for Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) examiners for Manchester's MB ChB. He regularly attends question writing workshops for the Universities Medical Assessments Partnership (UMAP), and is lead for quality control for the UMAP examination question bank, now shared by fifteen medical schools. He regularly contributes to question writing workshops for the General Medical Council’s PLAB Test. He chairs the emendation committee for the Progress Test for Manchester’s MB ChB examination, recently pioneering its application to all 5 years of the course. He also chairs the emendation committee for the Patient Management Problem paper for our final MB ChB examination.

Dr Benbow’s recent research has been limited because of major commitments in teaching in the University of Manchester, and a major service commitment for the NHS for Central Manchester and Manchester Children’s University Hospitals NHS Trust. However, he has published nearly 60 papers in peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Pathology, which now carries the highest impact factor of all journals in its field. Grant income has recently been limited because of teaching load, but Dr Benbow is currently the lead for the Manchester arm of a research project looking into the role of magnetic resonance imaging in Coroner's autopsies; this work is supported by a grant of £260,000, provided by the Department of Health, and held jointly with Dr Ian Roberts of the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford.
Dr Helen Baker
Consultant Histopathologist, Yorkshire.

Dr Helen Baker qualified MBChB in 1999 at the University of Leicester. This was followed by pathology training as part of the Yorkshire Deanery rotational training scheme. This included both Senior House Officer and Specialist Registrar positions. During this training period, she qualified as a general pathologist, but harboured a special interest in Autopsy Pathology. Indeed, this began as early as in her medical student years, during which time she spent an elective period in the Department of Forensic Medicine, Westmead Hospital, Sydney, under the supervision of Dr B S F Hulewicz. She also spent time as a student shadowing Dr D C Bouch, a Leicester based Forensic Pathologist.
As a Specialist Registrar, she undertook a period of training at the Medicolegal Centre, Sheffield, under the supervision of Professor C M Milroy, performing and observing both coroners and forensic cases.
At present, she is a Consultant Pathologist at the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, a busy department, covering autopsy work for Dewsbury, Wakefield and Pontefract regions

Dr Lisa Barker
Autopsy Pathologist, Leeds

Dr Lisa qualified in Medicine at Leeds, with a BSC in Chemical pathology, and trained in Histopathology in Leeds. She is a consultant lead for autopsies at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, and have an interest in perinatal autopsies. She does approximately 500 adult and 65 perinatal autopsies a year.


Dr Les Davidson
Consultant Histopathologist, Leeds


Dr Helen M. Doran, MA, MB,BS, FRCPath

Dr Helen M. Doran, obtained her MA in Literature Humanities at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, before going on to do her MB,BS degree at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, London. She trained as a pathologist in London and Cambridge, including a year as Senior Registrar at Papworth Hospital specialising in cardiothoracic pathology including heart-lung transplantation. She has been a member of the Association for European Cardiovascular Pathology since its foundation in 2001 (as the continuation of the European School of Cardiovascular Pathology) and has been a specialist cardiac referral pathologist for the UK cardiac pathology network (UKCPN) since it was set up by the Department of Health in 2006 as part of the National Service Framework. She currently works as a consultant Histopathologist at Wythenshawe Hospital (University Hospitals of South Manchester NHS Trust) which contains a Heart-Lung Transplant Unit, Regional Cardiothoracic Surgery Unit, North-West Lung Centre, North-West Heart Centre, Adult Cystic Fibrosis Unit, Pulmonary Oncology Unit and tertiary referral services for Interstitial lung disease and occupational lung disease.


Dr Simon Elliott, PhD BSc MRSC MFSSoc CSci
Consultant Forensic Toxicologist and Managing Director, ROAR Forensics, Malvern, UK

Dr Simon Elliott is a Consultant Forensic Toxicologist and Managing Director of (ROAR) Forensics Ltd in Malvern, Worcestershire since January 2008. He has previously worked as a Clinical Scientist in the NHS for over 10 years specifically involved in clinical and forensic toxicology as Section Head of Forensic Toxicology. He holds a BSc degree in Biochemistry from the University of Bath and a PhD in Biochemical Toxicology from the University of Birmingham having studied gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) in his thesis. He is a Chartered Scientist and European Registered Toxicologist as well as being an active member of a number of professional bodies, including the Forensic Science Society and Royal Society of Chemistry in addition to being a founding council member for the UK & Ireland Association of Forensic Toxicologists (UKIAFT). He is the author of over 30 scientific publications and articles and has presented at numerous international meetings and presented evidence in both Civil and Criminal Court. He has also advised the World Health Organisation and European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction for nearly 15 years and has a particular interest in “new designer” drugs.

Dr Amani Evans

Dr Paul Johnson

I am a consultant forensic pathologist at the Royal Liverpool University, honorary senior lecturer at the University of Liverpool and a Home Office Pathologist, providing a specialist autopsy and forensic pathology service to the North West of England Police forces and Coroners (since 1996). I am actively involved in postgraduate teaching and training, both regionally and nationally,also examining regularly for the Royal College of Pathologists and the Society of Apothecaries of London. I have a particular interest in the mechanisms, interpretation and investigation of inflicted head, face and neck injury.


Professor Sebastian Lucas

Sebastian Lucas was the professor of clinical histopathology at KCL School of Medicine, based at St Thomas' Hospital, from 1995-2012. Now emeritus.
Having grown up on autopsy work (in London and Kenya), he morphed into infectious diseases, marinaded in HIV clinical pathology (at home and in Africa), and got stuck into autopsy quality control, training and examinations.
His main interests are: HIV and other infections, particuarly 'high-risk' cases; maternal mortality; sickle cell disease; and post-operative mortality.
He guided the now-historical RCPath Guidelines for Autopsy Practice, promoted two major revisions of the FRCPath autopsy exam process, and spends much time trying to optimize the antiquated UK medico-legal system so as to benefit the wider hospital and public health systems.

Mr Nigel Meadows
Manchester Coroner, Manchester

Dr Charles Wilson
Forensic Pathologist, Manchester

Dr Charlie was born in Cambridge when austerity was the norm and not a fashion.  He worked as a restaurant manager and disk jockey before graduating from the University of Sheffield Medical School in 1991.  After histopathology posts in Birmingham and Liverpool, Charlie took a post as Lecturer in Forensic Pathology in Liverpool in 1996.  Charlie joined the Manchester Forensic Pathology Group Practice in 2000 since when he has carried out well over 1,000 suspicious death autopsies.  The three pathologists in the group practice typically carry out autopsies on approximately 10% of the murders in England and Wales.  Charlie is active in teaching both medical colleagues and other members of the Emergency Services.  He is a member of the Association of Clinical Pathologists Forensic Pathology Committee (ex chairman), the RCPath Forensic pathology sub-comittee and the Forensic Pathology Specialist Group of the National Police Improvement Agency.  When not at a crime scene, in a mortuary or in court Charlie spends whatever time is left shooting, skiing or scuba diving.

Dr Aidan Hindley
Dr Ahmed Qamruddin

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24th - 28th 
June 2012




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feedback from previous courses.
  • Trainers have been selected for their expertise within their disciplines, both in their clinical acumen but also their teaching skills.
  • Format of the course is intense and demanding but also rewarding.

    Key Features of the Course:

    • Exam orientated Course.
    • Opportunity to address and discuss difficult questions.
    • Feedback from Speakers.
    Target Audience:
    • ST1, ST2 and ST3 trainees preparing for Histopathology FRCPath Part 1 examination.

    Course will take place on 22 - 23 June 2016.

    Course Fee: £265 (Early Bird Fee until 30/05/16)


    Day 1 - 22 June 2016

    09:00-09:30       Tips on passing the part 1 exam
    09:30-12:30       Ancillary investigations: special stains, immunohistochemistry, molecular pathology      
    12:30-13:30       Lunch
    13:30-14:30       Datasets
    14:30-16:30       General Surgical Pathology (MCQ based presentation)
    Day 2 - 23 June 2016

    08:00-09:30        Cytology
    09:30-10:30        Macro images
    11:00-12:30        Autopsy 
    12:30-13:30        Lunch
    13:30-15:30        General Surgical Pathology (MCQ based presentation)


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    Duration: 2 Day


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    Dates & Prices:

    June 22 - 23 2016

    Early Bird Fee:£265 (until 30/05/15)


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